We are Catholic women who desire to live according to the Gospel and to spend our lives extending the reign of God. Inspired by the lives of St. Francis and Clare of Assisi, we live in simplicity, hospitality and joy.

As an expression of gospel living, we publicly profess three vows, live in community, and dedicate our lives to evangelizing service.

Our vow of poverty is an act of confidence in the abundance of God. Therefore, we place our earnings in a common fund and take from the earth’s commonwealth only what we need.

Our vow of consecrated celibacy is a pledge to love with open hands and open hearts. Rather than marry, we strive to be sister to all. By this vow we acknowledge and respect the dignity of each person and strive to live in right relationship.

Our vow of obedience is a commitment to a life of communal listening and the search for truth and direction, a willingness to be led by the Holy Spirit into whatever situations or places God may call us. Our listening hearts sensitize us to the needs of the world.

We come together in community to discover, express and celebrate the rich diversity and unity of God’s family and to strengthen and encourage one another in our efforts to be faithful to the gospel. We extend the rich blessings of community to those among whom we minister.

As Franciscans, our lives focus on three great loves: the Incarnation of Jesus, which reveals the goodness of all creation; the Passion of Jesus, wherein we discover the immense love and compassion of God; and the Eucharist, by which we are united with the whole Body of Christ. Our diverse ministries are marked by a Franciscan appreciation of the integrity of creation, peacemaking, concern for those who are poor and the need to balance action and contemplation.