Directional Statement


Recognizing the oneness that permeates all reality in Christ and deploring the imbalance in our lives, we continue to probe the mystery of Unity through a contemplative lifestyle. We commit ourselves to living a life of wholeness through a balance of solitude, prayer, community, ministry, and leisure.

Care of Creation

Recognizing our oneness with all creation and grieving the desecration of the earth, we commit ourselves to challenge each other and society to reverence creation and to be in harmony with it.  We commit ourselves to on-going conversion in our use of natural resources.


Recognizing our oneness with all peoples as brothers and sisters and abhorring the violence within the human family, we will proclaim the ‘pace e bene’ of Francis to break the cycle of violence. We commit ourselves to be forgivers and reconcilers within our congregation and among those with whom we live and minister.

Concern for the Poor

Recognizing our oneness with the most vulnerable of society and decrying the reality that many persons are marginalized and disenfranchised, we work toward alleviating their suffering and seek justice. We commit ourselves to improve the conditions of those lacking basic necessities of life.