Sisters’ Testimonies

Gemma on scooter

Sister Gemma Fenbert’s testimony:

Wow! I am so grateful to be a Tiffin Franciscan. What a blessing to belong to a group of women who are so committed to live out the gospel of loving service and do it together. We are getting older and with this comes wisdom. We have so much to share and I hope God continues to bless us with the opportunities to keep on keeping on. Living in deep union with God and with each other — what more can one ask for?

Sister Gemma Fenbert

Sr. Francine 007

Sister Francine Sartor’s Testimony:

How blessed I am to be missioned in Carey and to do ministry to the sick. Being here at the Basilica, Our Lady of Consolation is my guide and has been over the past years. As I look back 30 some years I now see what God had planned for me: caring for the elderly at St. Francis Home, then missioned to North Carolina, I continued to visit the sick as well as in Custar, Ohio, and visiting the homebound and now in Carey, continuing the ministry here. I tell myself that to be blessed is to live in such a way so that others can see the power of God’s love in me. In my visits we end with a short prayer: ‘Jesus, Mary and Joseph, I love you, so be there to greet me, when home I go.’ When praying with them, I sense comfort and peace, especially those near death.

Sister Gemma Fenbert

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