Sisters’ Testimonies

Gemma on scooter

sr. Yvonne and Sr. Lourdes


Sister Gemma's testimony:

Wow! I am so grateful to be a Tiffin Franciscan. What a blessing to belong to a group of women who are so committed to live out the gospel of loving service and do it together. We are getting older and with this comes wisdom. We have so much to share and I hope God continues to bless us with the opportunities to keep on keeping on. Living in deep union with God and with each other — what more can one ask for?

Sister Gemma Fenbert

Sister Yvonne's testimony:

When I was a young sister on retreat struggling with some small stuff, which seemed very big to me at the time, the Spirit of God encouraged me to keep my world “Big.” As we Tiffin Franciscans journey together we continually motivate each other in keeping our world big by offering volunteer opportunities at the Boarder, speaking truth to power, and reaching out to those in need. I am grateful for my Sisters and how they motivate me to keep my world “Big”.

Sister Yvonne Fischer

Sister Diane's testimony:

Being a hospital chaplain as a Sister of St. Francis is very fulfilling for me. To be able to see Christ in all the people who come into my life every day not only humbles me, but calls me to a deeper relationship with God. I cannot do what I do in ministry without the companionship of Jesus. I KNOW God uses me and works through me. I have had so many times when someone has come up to me and said, “I remember when you prayed with me before my surgery,” or “When you prayed for me, I felt peaceful and calm.” These are the things that transform me because I know it is not me. It’s God using me as an instrument for others.

Sr. Diane Hay