Chiapas, Mexico

The Sisters of St. Francis have served in Chiapas, Mexico, for the last 50 years. The purpose of the ministry is to help lay men and women grow in their faith and commit themselves to building the Kingdom of God by serving as catechists; coordinators of youth groups, women’s groups and basic Christian community groups; celebrators of Sunday paraliturgical celebrations where there are no priests; and health promoters in their communities.

Quotes from Chiapan women

“The Sisters of St. Francis have impacted my life by their humility and simplicity, especially in their relating to all people without distinction. They have served as a model for me in my personal life and in the community by their example of loving service and dedication. What has struck me most is their selfless service and not seeking their own personal interest.”

Lily Sánchez

“The Sisters have touched my life by their selfless service of the community, accompanying, supporting and motivating us in our faith life and in our evangelization ministry. Through their encouragement and help, women and youth groups have been formed in many communities of our parish. The Sisters have enabled us to recognize and develop our leadership potential and encouraged us to take leadership roles in the women and youth groups that have been formed over the years.”

Luz del Alba Calvo

“The sisters are very sociable, supportive and kind. They win our hearts. They help us by getting to know us through dialogue, teaching, and sharing a beautiful friendship. I am grateful to God for having placed them in my life.”


Sisters who served in Chiapas, Mexico

Sister Annette Langenderfer (1969-1977, 1985-1987)
Sister Elizabeth Jean “Libby” Siebenaler (1969-1973)
Sister Margaret Ann “Marge” Eilerman (1971-1974)
Sister Karen Lindenberger (1972, 1973-1974)
Sister Andrea Inkrott (1975-1982)
Sister Linda Scheckelhoff (1977-1988, 2006 & currently serving in Trinitaria)
Sister Lucille “Lucy” Schmitmeyer (1979-2002)
+Sister Anna Marie Mangette (1999-2005, 2005-2014 in Trinitaria)
Sister Lourdes Toribio (2011-2018 & currently serving in Trinitaria)

Sisters Celebrate 50 Years in Chiapas, Mexico

On August 10, 2019, the Sisters of St. Francis celebrated the 50 year anniversary of serving in the Diocese of San Cristobal de las Casas. Following a parade leading to the church, approximately 500 people gathered together for a delicious feast and live music.

Videos and photos include preparing the food for the celebration, the 50 Year Anniversary Mass and the reception.

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