Cemetery Celebration of Thanksgiving in Memory of the those who came before us

The celebration began with an opening song and prayer in the St. Francis Convent Chapel followed by a procession out to the cemetery. Following a trumpet call, there was a presentation of flowers in memory of our founders Father Joseph Bihn and Mother Francis Schaefer, the singing of “Standing on the Shoulders” and a reading. A brief history of St. Francis Convent Cemetery was also shared. Portrayals were offered by some of the former members of our Franciscan family which included Orphan Peter Wiot (Brady), Mother Bonaventure (Sr. Gemma Fenbert), Sister Alacoque (Sr. Veronica Nowakowski), Brother Cornelius (George Marsh), Campus Resident Tillie Milligan (Sr. Jackie Doepker) and Convent Employee/Convent Chef Dan Groce (Luke Snyder). We were happy to have four grandchildren of Peter Wiot, the first orphan, in attendance.

After a Litany of Thanks, “For All the Saints” was sung and everyone was given the opportunity to visit the graves of our friends and family. The program ended with a closing prayer followed by the singing of “Alleluia! Alleluia! Let the Holy Anthem Rise and a reception under the Portico which included some cookies that were even made using the original cookie cutters made by the first Brothers of St. Francis.